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tv   News  ABC  September 4, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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seconds. we could have a round of storms in to the afternoon, and also flooding potential. be prepared as we look at the most powerful radar, a few showers eler in kale county. a break in the action. if you need to do yard working do it earlier in the morning. bel air, our big condition this morning, just like yesterday, patchy fog across the area. we have reduced visibility, the temperature in bel air now coming in 72 degrees chester town 7 4, 72 darlington, the winds on the calm side on the light side. nothing to stir the atmosphere, a tropical feel will continue as we head throughout the day. hour by hour forecast for you. we have scattered showers this morning, that will continue as we go in to the afternoon with
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the temperature at 83 degrees. by this afternoon, high temperature around 86 degrees, once you fill in the humidity it's going to feel warmer like yesterday. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. good morning, everybody. baltimore city, we will take you to first, we are dealing with an issue, accident tying things up, south washington street. be aware of. that our speed indicaters, 5-10 is miles per hour. it's a slow crawl around the issue. honey go boulevard, silver spring road, speed sensor picking up a shade under 30 miles per hour. issues upper coast, 30 dover, accident because of debris. debris north and west of town this morning. we will look and show you what the situation is. this is looking out towards pretty clear roads. 695, picking up volume as you look towards the west. things are looking normal thus
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far. another check on traffic coming up. a memoir is going to hit store shelves today. no easy day, a former seal is speaking out about what he says happened. last week it was number one in presales on sherrie johnson is here with more on the story, safe bet to say, military is going to be taking a look at this, making sure no classified information is inside. >> the military is very much posed to the book. -- opposed to the book. the member is speaking out about the death of osama bin laden. he says his back is not aim at influencing the election but it sheds light on the raid. he says as the team went up the stairs at the compound, al- qaeda leader poked his head out. two shots were fired. bin laden was on the floor, not standing up as was reported.
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he and another member fired in to bin laden's chest to make sure he was dead. bissonnet's lawyer says he didn't violate military secrecy agreements. >> my worry, it's a political season, this book is not political whatsoever. it doesn't bad mouth either party. we specifically chose september 11th, to keep it out of the politics. >> military wants bissonnet and publisher to forego royalties. read more on the story on our website at, it's in the slide show here, it's also our facebook fan question today asking if you will buy a copy. we want to know what you think. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. governor o'malley will take center stage happening a at the democratic convention this week he made an appearance on national tv shows talking about
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the state of the country. on sunday he told face the nation, people are not better off today than four years ago. listen to what we said to o'brian yesterday. >> here is the reality of our situation as a country. we are clearly better off as a country because we are creating jobs rather than losing them. we have not recovered all that we lost in the bush recession. that's why we need to continue to move forward. is there anybody on the pan that he will thinks we re -- panel that thinks we recovered all we lost in the bush recession? i don't think anybody can say that.
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police confirm amos was not the intending at the for this shooting which happened sunday morning. she was standing off a block away from the gunman when she was talking to her aunt. >> we didn't think she was going to leave us. she left, we miss her. >> i came to her for everything. she was like my number one fan. >> amos graduated from kenwood in 2008, and worked at a local bank, if you have information about this shooting, call metro crime stoppers, 8667 lockup. elderly homeowner in kentucky fights back after being robbed more than once. jones said he had enough his family house was targeted by thieves several times. they took guns and money and took his cattle. this time around, jones woke up when he heard something in his
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cellar, he waited until his intruders were on the other side of the basement door. >> he kicked the door. as soon as he got upside, it was all over. >> jones fired a shot, he hit a 24 year old man in the chest killing him. he won't be charged. the other two men admitted to being involved and charged with burglary. journalist, you never know what you are going to encounter when covering the news. dug an interview in arkansas, a camera crew got more than an eyeful. >> what is this? buddy was looking at it. >> i ought to sick buddy on him. >> he came out of the woods. police were called in to arrest the man. the 22 year old guy is cablely walking down the streets hiding
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nothing. casually walking down the street. hiding nothing. >> it happened in aa. arkansas. isn't that where you are from? >> i believe eler in the show that's what you do. some places i go really aggravate my allergies.
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the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick. michael clark duncan had been hospitalized after
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suffering a heart attack that happened in july. he inform recovered and he stood 6'4", huge man, a former body guard for will smith and jamie fox. he decided to switch gears and act. >> he did three movies with bruce willis. whole nine yards, arm geddon and sin city. she maybe the golden girl, but will she be shining at the national convention. there is a petition to get her to apee at the convention. eastwood gave a bad name to older americans ever where. she endorsed the president in may. as of monday evening the petition had 4600 supporters. >> her agents says she is in two other productions now,
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60 years, millions of women,
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thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's kick off with a check of the muggy forecast. not a lot to see, we are starting to dry thing out a bit. that will be the trend for a
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little while. we are have a chance for showers to pop up, scattered in nature through time. manchester this mornings we are seeing clouds, a little bit of reduced visibility. fog and a little bit of break in the clouds as well. we might get shall sunshine through the the day. we will be in the cloud cover like yesterday. the temperature right now coming in at 70, manchester, the dew point at 69. that's where you are dealing with the fog by issues this morning. more of the same towson with the temperature at 71 degrees. 74 dew point. watchout for reduced visibility. sykesville, temperature coming in at 71 degrees, this is a look at the hour by hour forecast. by 3:00, temperature 86 degrees. good morning, everybody. working an issue on alfanna and south washington street. be aware baltimore city dealing with a crash, that's going to slow you up this morning.
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another location this morning, that's down, we can't slide it off. let's look outside. ly confirm that 695 turning in to a parking lot. olds court road. congestion volume picking up. another shot 695, harford, starting to slow on the outloop towards the west. another check of traffic in less than ten minutes. search is on for a baltimore county teenager who mixed chemicals in his home and caused a hazmat incident in parkville. linda so is live at county police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: police are still testing the chemical to determine what it was. they are saying it was not bomb making material or a meth lab. police and hazmat crews were called to originally oak road last night. the person living there called 911 after he spelled a odor from the basement.
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he found his 19 year old nephew and a friend mixing chemicals. they sold to it people who used it to get high. >> i walked in the house and smelled a sickening, the worst smell i ever smelled in my life. i felt i was lightheaded and going to pass out and throw up. bloop >> reporter: the uncle says he had to call 911 earlier in the day after finding threats on his nephew's facebook page. police are still searching for the teen this morning. linda so, abc2 news. hundreds of friends, family and fellow servicemen and women came took into account to say thank you and good-byes to navy seal patrick feet. he died in afghanistan a few weeks ago. she cher sherrie johnson is here with the story. >> hundreds of people turned
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out for this event. edgewater, people wanted to support his family, what he did for our country. a view willing be held for first class patrick feeks, his funeral held wednesday at fort meyer memorial chapel before he is laid to rest. the black hawk hospitaller went down during a fire fight last month. this incident was one of the deadliest air disasters in the 11 year old war. he was assigned to seal team 3 in may of 2008. he deployed to afghanistan last december and his casket was flown to dover air force base. other vote rans vote rans came to -- veterans came to show respect. >> the last i can do is give my
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respect to him. >> his view willing be held today from 2:00 to 4:00 and again at 6:00 to 8:00 in edgewater. a standoff and contract talks raising the possibility of a teacher's strike in chicago, this could happen next week. more than 26,000 teachers and staff are prepared to strike. this would be the first in 25 years. a new iphone 5 on september 12, also expected to unveil the redesigned ear bud. costing less to use a lay away program at toys are us, the chain is waiving the fee and minimum purchase
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requirement for halloween. national average from the tooth fairy is up 3 $3 a tooth. tomorrow you should be ready for football. the super bowl churches, giants host the dallas cowboys to begin the nfl season. more than 200 students are getting school supplies thanks to ray lewis and the foundation, team up with wal- mart. students are going to get book bags stock windows school supplies, pencil, crayons, notebooks and folders, courtesy of number 52. yesterday this happened.
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aquarium staff had the task of moving a 400-pound sea turtle. they had to do it with a tire. >> the reason is it helps support her under side and doesn't allow her to move flippers and try to move off the tire. she is a easy one to move, it's looking a at the weight of the animal. >> that's crush, finalling nemo. they will be in hibernation underneath the tanks until the new exhibit, black tip reef, debuts next summer. thousands remain in shelters around louisiana a week after hurricane isaac came ashore. many communities are drying out and flood waters are lingering in lelying areas, this is common for the area of the country. 100,000 people are without power in and around louisiana and mississippi. thousands more in the dark, as far north as arkansas. isaac is now impacting the weather, started over the
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weekend. it's continuing to do so. we have dried out. we will see showers and thunderstorms possible as we go in in to the afternoon. we have isaac, also a warm front and with that we will keep the stormy conditions in here through thursday. a cold front slicing through the area thursday even eve and bringing us much relief that we need especially from the humidity. we look at kent island, we are seeing cloud cover out there right now. that will continue, we might see peeks of sunshine like yesterday. don't think that's going to rule because we will be seeing thunderstorms in here as we go in to the afternoon. this is what is happening as we go to the tropics, the atlantic, we have tropical storm leslie out there now. the winds sustained at 65 miles per hour. moving slowly to the north at 4 miles an hour, this is forecasted to become a category two hurricane, we will keep our eyes on this one because this could be bringing rip occurrence and also high surf across the beaches towards the
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weekend. as of now, things looking good across the area. the future trend brings the wet weather in here throughout the day. heavy downpours, tropical as we head in to the afternoon and in to tomorrow afternoon we could see the line of showers and storms across the area. drying things out in to thursday even eve and friday, right around 86 degrees, 74 by this evening , the humidity continues even as we head in to tomorrow. here is a check of the seven- day forecast for you as the drier air moves in by friday. now a check of the traffic with mike masco. good morning, everybody. it's well an accident we have to deal with, near honey go avenue. to the boards, nearing silver spring road, seeing speeds tying up some and towards the west, dealing with this fallen tree on falls road, blocked both directions so the police are starting to detour, this is near deep run court. be aware of that. another issue as you head up towards upperco, dealing with
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debris from storms that moved through across the area. live at 695, starting to see the traffic picking up and 69 5, harford road, starting to see volume picking up. this is common for this time of the morning. good morning. check this out, this bacon cheeseburger weighs more than a ton. 2000 pounds. minnesota casino cooked up this monster trying to win the guinness record. it took now hours to cook. they flipped it using a crane. >> if you are curious, here is the break down of toppings, 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, onions, 40 pounds of pickles, and 40 pounds of cheese. i feel like four hours for aburg their big isn't enough
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cooking time. shrimp, sausage and seasonings and all golden fried to perfection and a spicy ranch sauce served p on the side. >> i believe it's a match made in heaven. it's spacey. gonzalez won in the past. if you are curious, he gained 20 pounds. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
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